Tooth Extractions & Removals in Broomfield, CO

Dental extractions are still a prevalent form of treatment for numerous conditions ailing the mouth. For those searching for a solution involving tooth removal, we welcome you to Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Broomfield. Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff are more than happy to welcome you to our clinic in Broomfield for a dental extraction while making sure we keep you relaxed and appreciated. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Types of Tooth Removal Available at Our Broomfield Clinic

When deciding to schedule an appointment with a dentist at our Broomfield clinic, we'll help you figure out the kind of extraction you require. There are two types of tooth extractions; simple extractions and surgical extractions. Simple extractions are for teeth that are visible in the mouth. Surgical tooth extractions get performed on teeth that are not easily accessible. This is due to the tooth having been broken under the gum line, or because they have yet to erupt.

Why Broomfield Residents May Require Tooth Removal

The most common reason why residents in Broomfield may require a dental extraction is due to breakage or decay. Other reasons are, and they are not limited to, severe gum disease, treatment of symptomatic impacted wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth, supplementary or malformed teeth, fractured teeth, preparation for braces, low cost compared to other treatments, and many more medical circumstances.

Why Get Your Tooth Removal Done at Our Broomfield Clinic?

Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff, along with their delightfully decorated Broomfield clinic, make your dental appointments quite pleasant. We accept several insurance plans and equip our staff with the latest in dental technology; including intraoral cameras and digital X-rays machines. We also provide our patients with a complimentary shuttle service that can take them to and from their appointments. Do not miss out on our list of services, call to schedule an appointment today!

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Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is the dental clinic of choice for its award-winning, full line dental service. Located in Broomfield, you will find our welcoming office decorated as a chateau with earth tones, all to provide our patients with a warm and relaxing feeling. Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff always make their patients’ satisfaction a priority with their caring and professional practice. For your convenience, we also accept a wide range of insurance plans. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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