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One of the best ways to prevent decay on your teeth is to take a proactive approach and schedule periodic dental cleaning. Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry have been helping their Broomfield patients with award-winning services since their founding in 2005. Whether you are looking for a standard or deep cleaning of your teeth, Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff will always make sure to keep the health of your teeth their priority at our Broomfield office.

Dental Cleaning for Residents of Broomfield

When looking at your options for teeth cleaning, you may choose from sealant, prophylaxis, or a topical fluoride. Sealant is a mechanically or chemically prepared enamel surface that is meant to prevent decay while being placed in the grooves and crevasses of a tooth. Prophylaxis removes plaque, calculus, and stains from the tooth on primary, permanent, and transitional detention for both adults and children. Prescription-strength topical fluoride is used to strengthen and protect the teeth of both adults and children.

Why Broomfield Residents Need Teeth Cleaning

We at Chateaux Dental take pride in the quality of service that we deliver to patients at our Broomfield clinic. Even if you brush and floss frequently, you should still get a deep cleaning of your teeth periodically. Periodic teeth cleaning will prevent cavities and tooth decay by removing the buildup of plaque. It will also brighten your smile by eliminating built-up stains, freshen your breath, give your health a boost, and save you money in potential disease treatment!

Broomfield Dental Cleaning

Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff have made Chateaux Dental a warm and relaxing environment for their Broomfield patients. We make visiting our clinic easy and convenient by not only accepting many different insurance plans but by offering our complimentary shuttle service. We can take you to and from your appointments, all you have to do is call to make the arrangements! Set an appointment at our Broomfield dental clinic today.

Award Winning Dentistry

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Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is the dental clinic of choice for its award-winning, full line dental service. Located in Broomfield, you will find our welcoming office decorated as a chateau with earth tones, all to provide our patients with a warm and relaxing feeling. Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff always make their patients’ satisfaction a priority with their caring and professional practice. For your convenience, we also accept a wide range of insurance plans. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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