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Do you live in Broomfield and have tooth pain? There's a chance it could be a problem with your root canal. If so, you will want to schedule an appointment at Broomfield's very own Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. With our patient-first mentality, unmatched skillset, and well-equipped facility, we will be able to identify the source of your pain and discomfort, be it due to an infection or inflammation in your root canal or not!

Why Would You Need A Root Canal Dentist in Broomfield?

Root canal dentists exist to help Broomfield residents with problems related to their teeth's dental pulp. Inflamed or injured pulp can be very painful. Even if the source of the pain is not visible, you will soon notice that you or your child will require dental care in Broomfield fast. Some key signs that you need treatment on your root canal are constant unexplained or nighttime pain, sensitivity to warm and cool food temperatures, swelling, redness, or an unexpected looseness of an affected tooth.

Root Canal Treatments Available At Our Broomfield Clinic

When receiving a root canal treatment, you may require pulp capping or pulpotomy, a practice in dental restoration that prevents dental pulp from suffering from necrosis. A pulpotomy is necessary if the problem lies solely on the pulp tip. A dentist may be able to leave that part alone while only removing the damaged sections. The gap is then filled up with a biocompatible material that prevents infections and won't irritate the area, and is then usually capped with a crown.

Broomfield Residents' Choice for a Root Canal Dentist

When seeking a dental clinic that can offer root canal treatments, it is tough to beat the quality and level of service provided by Chateaux Dental. Broomfield's very own Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff understand the degree of pain and discomfort you may be dealing with when experiencing issues with your root canal. The sooner you place a call to schedule an appointment, the sooner you can return to a pain-free life!

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Chateaux Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is the dental clinic of choice for its award-winning, full line dental service. Located in Broomfield, you will find our welcoming office decorated as a chateau with earth tones, all to provide our patients with a warm and relaxing feeling. Dr. Brandi Bottoms and her staff always make their patients’ satisfaction a priority with their caring and professional practice. For your convenience, we also accept a wide range of insurance plans. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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